This website was first introduced in the year of 2011. Ever since it's been many years with the shayar.co.in

Hi, I am Mahipal Singh, an IT Consultant and have worked with a couple of Software giants such as Infosys, IBM etc. I have always loved writing since my college days but the problem was that initially I used to write on papers whenever my mood allowed me to and I used to put those papers here and there in the course of action of just loosing them up.

Suddenly after a couple of years I realized that writing was one of my untouched or say unrealized passion and I used to deal with it just like a time-pass. Right then I started writing not on papers but on my blogs. I made a couple of blogs on technology, social media and of course Shayaris   ^_0
I am working as freelancer as well in my spare time. Please get in touch if you have any business or seek for the consultation on Oracle SOA.

Jiyo dil se...