Saturday, November 26

let me go inside uR mind

let me go inside uR mind
time needs me to do so
and so d blowing winds want
and so do i
may b... so u too...

everytime i look at ur eyes
y do u hide dem
for a while.. dare peep inside...
and yes
my mind!
...dare read dat once
keeping all ur problems aside..

so, wat did u see in dese dark eyes?
can u see their joy n shine?
dis is wat i always waited for my darling..
..plz say dem u r d love bird of mine!!
be mine.. be forevr..
dis affection n love will end 'nvr'..
u'll always b d throbe of my heart..
let dis love go on.. let it start..

well, i donno y does it happen
dat i m all time poet once i m talking to u
may b its a lovely flower of fragrance - A God's Gift
may b its a little sweet thing as a chocolate's bite

i never was dat mad ever
dat i've become after i met u
and i'll nvr be dis much evr again, d one thing, i can bet u..
well, dat's so cherishing but so gloomy together
as when i don't find u wid me
i see u in smthing twinkling in night... luking at d sky
and when u r wid me, i feel out of d world..
as if m somewhat 'outspoken' and somewhat 'shy'
y does it happen dat i act like m mad
y does it happen- wen u r nt around me, m dead!!
y do u evrytime go n take my life wid u
dis is a very big crime n fr dis m gonna sue u!! :D

well, dere u go wid uR lovely smile on uR loveliest face..
hope u're nw having sm quantity of love fr dis crazziest mate..
well, if u wanna hug me u better do it fast..
as i'm being so romantic fr nw, bt i can't assure fr hw long it wud last!! ;)
but my dear sweet angel, i tell u one thing..
its a swt tender affection n love,
n nw its gradually going to start..
i know u too being emotional reading dis crap lines..
bt i hav shortage of such lovely words in my bucket.. my feelings r really pure n devine!!
..Jiyo Dil Se.. by "somebody"


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