Wednesday, December 21

I have fallen in love wid u

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One day u loved someone so much and so deep inside,
u felt u love uR best frnd in heart only, n always can do 'hide'
it was actually so gud as it went for so long,
u thought it wud last forevr n nothing can go wrong..

but my dear, here u did this mistake..
all u thought was a joke, it was all fake..

u used to think he is d one, totally perfect
u were so mad dat u cud nt evr suspect..
feelings n crushes come n go..
n how cud one be so right n melo..

u thought, rather assumed dat he is all time uRs,
u went on loving n loving him n made it uR chores..
by this time uR love was growing gradually true..
but one saddest morning it turned out to be so blue..
all it happened when u considered him as uR life..
all u thought was "i wud b, someday his wife"..

yes, it was so special, it was dat lovely..
which had no face bt had a feeling, most ugly!!
u cud nt find d ways to go wid,
u cud nt think of wat u wanted to do..
all u were all stunned n calm..
all u cud do was hoping "wish it is nt actually true!!"

It was a gal- getting depressed wid a mind going to retard,
Hw wud she love again nw as she had only one little heart,
all theses questions just flew on her face,
she was nw broken-heart n nw her life had no pace,
she believed she wud overcome from it all soon..
Eventually, It was a lovely night n d sky had d moon,

she tried to smile in public,
she tried to re-gain her all strength,
she tried n tried n tried so damn hard,
but her soul cried n weeped evry single moment,

It was just few days back, wen it all actually happened..
but soon, one fine morning, He was again 'fake' n 'pretend',
u spent all uR day figuring out his mind..
anything u cud do nw, bt u just didnt wanna b blind..
u were actually blind wen u loved him in ur life..
u were all insane wen u thought of uRself to be his wife..
Nw he is back again, but all uR feelings are scared to alive..
U can smile, bt u can't get dose feelings again in uR heart's hive..

"What did he think wen he put me down n it hurt?"
u asked uRself n thought all you were to him was just dirt..
Once he started ignoring you and you wondered why,
den, all you wanted to do was just curl up and die..
Now He is getting fine again to u, seeking to start d same relation,
wat wud u do nw gal, wud u accept his FAKE invitation?
yesss.. it might b fake, it might b so untrue..
and wat if again it turns out to be blue?

Nw uR heart has learnt hw to live alone,
u had just a single little heart, nt a one more clone,
Though once u wanted things back exactly how they were before,
yet u knew d reality dat this couldn't happen anymore..

Though nw everythng was shattered, once u got dis heart-break..
still i can bet, u still must hav had there -'some faith'..
Bt soon d night came -'d gloomiest one', n it was about ten o'clock,
u heard smthng frm uR 'Best Frnd' and of-course it wasn't a shock,
though u always knew dis was gonna happen soon,
yet u laid dere fr hours n cried n cried in d pale lit moon...

It was destined, it was really destined to b happen,
d night came wen he finally got engaged to someone,
He was nw smbdy else's partner, smbdy else's life,
Nw u can't wat u wanted to b smday- 'his wife'..

well, your God cud nt see wat u wanted to b,
bt dnt get a single tear out of uR eyes,
as nothing gets changed evn wen 'an angel cries..
yesss.. u heard right, smbdy calls u 'an angel' here,
means though u r heartbroken, yet u r still special fr smone smwhr..

Though it has happened, u hav gotton a big heart-break,
still one says 'trust me, love me and feel my embrace'..
nw u're cnfused wat do i do,
i m already depressed, nw here comes u..
"can i really trust u? can u really love?"
well, my answer is "yess i do, 'coz my feelings r all above.."
"..above d limits, above d skies, its all above where one's love dies.."
"..I wud love to love u d way u think of loving smone.."
"..I wud let u feel d real embrace of love, i'll make u all done.."

Hey wat did i just notice.. is smthng really made me amaze
dis is my request to u, please keep dis same smile always on uR cute face,  :-)
i knw its really very hard to give it a thought again,..
falling in love is nt so simple, it smtime ends-up wid so much of pain,
D whole world probably overlooked, Bt i hav seen smthing in u..
u're so damn beautiful n lovely, I swear, its so true..
Nw u say.. "hw do i control myself?"
and hw nt do i say- "I hav fallen in love wid u"..

..Jiyo Dil Se.. by "somebody"

[hindi shayari, shayari in hindi, hindi shayri, love shayari, shayari in english, shayari, romantic shayari, love shayari, friendship shayari, shayari hindi]

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